Our Story

On their last day in Paris, Tay and Jim went looking for souvenirs. In St. Germaine Tay found a small plaque that read “The Greedy Hamster.” Turns out it was a bad translation of “Fat American.” She bought the plaque, turned to her husband and said “What a great name for a bar.” A few years later, in 2015, The Greedy Hamster was first opened by Tay and Jim in Denver Colorado. The idea started in a little bar in San Francisco. They wanted a place that they wanted to hang out in. A local neighborhood joint you wanted to stop at after work.

Trish and Tay have been BFFs since 2000. Trish visited Denver many times to see Tay and Jim and shared many wonderful memories at The Greedy Hamster with them. And then Covid hit in 2020. They tried in vain to keep it open and finally had to close for good.

Larry and Trish Macias searched high and low for the perfect place to settle down, exploring every corner of Phoenix until they stumbled upon Rott’n Grapes. Tucked at the base of Landmark Towers, this cozy beer and wine bar became their heart’s choice. With the previous owners, Patty & Keith ready for a new adventure, Larry and Trish fell in love with the place instantly. They’ve infused their unique charm into the atmosphere. When trying to decide on a new name, they had always loved The Greedy Hamster and so a call went out to Tay. Before the question was even finished Tay gave her blessing and The Greedy Hamster was reborn. If it’s not already your go-to spot, it will be soon! Come and experience the warmth of your new favorite neighborhood hangout.

Our Team

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